Google Message Security

by Van Murray on July 16, 2011

As previously discussed, Accent Plus is proud to offer Postini services as a part of its Google Apps for Business solutions.  We would like to highlight a few of Postini’s most important features, specifically, inbound and outbound email security.

Google Message Security automatically blocks spam, phising attempts, and viruses before they reach your inbox, creating security within a company and peace-of-mind for business owners and IT professionals alike.  A complex system analyzes incoming messages and removes offenders with low rates of false-positives.  Additionally, it requires no client-side installation, making for an easy and efficient implementation process.

Since Google handles over two billion emails per day, Postini can actively spot global threats and work to make sure that your company is not affected.  This removes the need for a paid IT staff to constantly update and monitor a security system.  A report is delivered regularly to administrators and users alerting them to quarantined and flagged messages, allowing an organization to quickly respond to attacks.

Postini can also regulate and secure outbound traffic, ensuring that legal and regulatory compliance is achieved and that valuable information stays within your company.  Emails can be encrypted to make sure that sensitive communications are not intercepted mid-transit.

All of these settings are extremely customizable, giving the administrator maximum flexibility in deciding what level of security is correct for his or her company.  This is merely one way that Google Apps delivers extraordinary value to businesses at a great price.

For more information on how cloud computing can make your business more effective, efficient and secure please contact Accent Plus.

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